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A cura, a médica e os outros todos

Plainsong (Disintegration 1989)
Prayers For The Rain (Disintegration 1989)
A Strange Day (Pornography 1982)
Alt. End (The Cure 2004)
The Blood (The Head on the Door 1985)
The End of the World (The Cure 2004)
Love Song (Disintegration 1989)
A Boy I Never Knew (Inédito)
Pictures of You (Disintegration 1989)
Lullaby (Disintegration 1989)
From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea (Wish 1992)
Kyoto Song (The Head on the Door 1985)
Please Project (Inédito)
The Walk (Japanese Whispers 1983)
Push (The Head on the Door 1985)
Friday I'm In Love (Wish 1992)
In Between Days (The Head on the Door 1985)
Just Like Heaven (Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 1987)
Primary (Faith 1981)
Never Enough (Mixed Up 1990)
Wrong Number (Galore 1997)
One Hundred Years (Pornography 1982)
Disintegration (Disintegration 1989)
Encore 1
At Night (Seventeen Seconds 1980)
M (Seventeen Seconds 1980)
Play For Today (Seventeen Seconds 1980)
A Forest (Seventeen Seconds 1980)
Encore 2
Lovecats (Japanese Whispers 1983)
Let's Go To Bed (Japanese Whispers 1983)
Freak Show
Close To Me (The Head on the Door 1985)
Why Can't I Be You (Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 1987)
Encore 3
Boys Don't Cry (Boys Don't Cry 1980)
Jumping Someone Else's Train (Boys Don't Cry 1980)
Grinding Halt (Boys Don't Cry 1980)
10.15 Saturday Night (Boys Don't Cry 1980)
Killing An Arab (Boys Don't Cry 1980)

(Concepção e recolha por Zé Miguel Simões)

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