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Totally emprisioned #3

ALIAS: Fish AKA Snowflake
CRIME: Armed Robbery
SENTENCE: Five years
NOTES:Michael Scofield’s educational background leaves question as to why such a man would commit the crime he did. Beginning with an immaculate record at Morton East High School, he would later graduate Magna Cum Laude with a B.S., civil engineering and M.S., civil engineering, from the Loyola University of Chicago.At the time of his arrest, Scofield was employed as a structural engineer at the prestigious firm of Middleton, Maxwell and Schaum located in Chicago, Illinois. Scofield was convicted of armed robbery after attempting to steal over half a million dollars from the downtown Chicago branch of United Savings Bank. At his trial, Scofield pled no contest and requested to serve time in the Level One facility closest to his Chicago home.
Now at large, Scofield is believed to have reunited with his long lost father, Aldo Burrows. Aldo, a former member of The Company also on the run, is responsible for exposing the embezzlement of EcoField’s funds by President Reynold’s brother Terrence Steadman into his sister’s election campaign. This prompted The Company & Reynolds to subsequently frameup Lincoln for Steadman’s murder to draw out Aldo Burrows. Scofield and Burrows were recently apprehended by Border Patrol in New Mexico, but slipped out of their handcuffs while in D.O.C. transport and escaped.
ADDITIONAL NOTES:Prior to his escape, the inmate had logged visits with Veronica Donovan, his attorney, and was approved for monthly conjugal visits with Nika Volek, his wife.

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