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Antes do amanhecer

Céline: That's the Danube over there.
Jesse: That's the river, right?
Céline: (laughs) Yeah.
(Walking around in the Prater car, admiring the scenery, below)
Jesse: This is gorgeous.
Céline: Yeah, it's very beautiful.
Jesse: We got, uh, we got a sunset here.
Céline: Yeah.
Jesse: We got the Ferris wheel. It seems like, hum, this would be a...
Céline: What?
Jesse: (sighs) Uh, you know, uh.
Céline: (putting her arms around him) Are you trying to say you want to kiss me?
Jesse: (Nods head. Mouths, emphatically 'yes')
Céline: (Also nods, and whispers) Yes. (they kiss, then stop and look at each other for a moment. Then, they kiss again)